About Us:

Greg, Sheryl, Alista & family pet dog Surf.

We have always loved old things and have seen too many items leave the district so we decided to do something about it and buy up as many of these old items as finances would allow.

The purpose was to share them with those who were interested.

Along the way people have kindly donated items to add to the collection.

Sheryl has a collection of old documents, newspaper clippings, photos and history books that can be viewed if looking for family history.

Several Cemeteries have also been plotted by Sheryl and she is currently researching all business premises in the main towns of the North East.

Greg works for Aurora (the local electricity supply company), Sheryl works part-time in retail and also as a Councillor in Local Government whilst Alista goes
to school.

This is all done in our SPARE TIME and we love every minute!